23 Moving Photos That Can Melt the Coldest of Hearts

Coldest of Hearts Moving Photos

Emotion is an adaptive response that humans have to their surroundings. Sometimes, we come across events or people that are capable of moving us so much that our entire perception of the world starts to shift, changing our entire outlook.

Apegeo gathered a collection of photos that made us smile, cry, and think a little more deeply about the impact we have on those around us.

1. Married for 60 years. She has dementia and a stroke, but he is still there by her side. Always.

2. This man sat with a gorilla after the death of its mother.

3. The end of an era: the Toys ’R Us giraffe saying goodbye for the last time

4. A homeless man in Silicon Valley was handing out copies of his resume. After the post went viral, he got job offers from companies like Apple, Google, and more.

5. This puppy asleep with his old man on a park bench is what smiles are made of.

8. The man on the left went to 7 world cups and died in 2015. His son carried on his legacy this year.

9. “Told my daughter I didn’t have a lot of money this week. I woke up from a nap to this note.”

10. The Partizan Belgrade goalkeeper comforting his teammate after he got barraged with racist chants for 90 minutes

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