26 The Winners Of 2019 The National Geographic’s Travel Photo Contest

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People’s Choice, Cities: ‘Cat In The City Sky’ By Jonas Chan

People's Choice, Cities: 'Cat In The City Sky' By Jonas Chan

When are you traveling around the city, humans are not the only living species. When we look up at the sky, there are sometimes surprises.
Jonas Chan


People’s Choice, Nature: ‘Colorado River’ By Stas Bartnikas

People's Choice, Nature: 'Colorado River' By Stas Bartnikas

The Colorado River is very shallow due to the active withdrawal of water from it for agricultural purposes. When [the river] meets the ocean in Mexico, it is almost dry. This aerial photo was taken from a Cessna [airplane].
Stas Bartnikas


People’s Choice, Nature: ‘Split Shot Taken Of Crabeater Seals’ By Rita Kluge

People's Choice, Nature: 'Split Shot Taken Of Crabeater Seals' By Rita Kluge

A crabeater seal is seen trying to get a spot on the same ice floe as his buddy.
Rita Kluge


Honorable Mention, Nature: ‘King Of The Alps’ By Jonas Schäfer

Honorable Mention, Nature: 'King Of The Alps' By Jonas Schäfer

A herd of ibexes in Switzerland’s Bernese Oberland cross a ridge above Lake Brienz. Their powerful and impressive horns show who the king of the Alps are. Ibexes are ideally adapted to live at dizzying heights. The continuing ridge path and the rising fog show the natural habitat of these animals. After a few hours of observing the animals, I spotted the ibex herd on one side of the ridge. Several ibexes stopped at the transition [to view the world around them].
Jonas Schäfer


Third Place, Cities: ‘Streets Of Dhaka’ By Sandipani Chattopadhyay

Third Place, Cities: 'Streets Of Dhaka' By Sandipani Chattopadhyay

People pray on the street in Dhaka, Bangladesh during Ijtema. Bishwa Ijtema is one of the major Islamic religious gatherings which is [observed] annually in Dhaka and millions of Muslims visit [during this time]. Dedicated prayer grounds are not [large] enough to handle this huge number of people, so large numbers of people come to [Tongi], the main street of Dhaka. All the ground transportation and [pedestrian crossings] are suspended during that time.

Sandipani Chattopadhyay


First Place, People: ‘Showtime’ By Huaifeng Li

First Place, People: 'Showtime' By Huaifeng Li

Actors prepare for an evening opera performance in Licheng County, China. I spent the whole day with these actors from makeup to [stage]. I’m a freelance photographer, and the series “Cave Life” is a long-term project of mine. In China’s Loess Plateau, local residents dig holes in the loess layer [to create cave living spaces, known as yaodongs] and use the heat preservation properties to survive cold winters.
Huaifeng Li


Honorable Mention, People: ‘Mood’ By Navin Vatsa

Honorable Mention, People: 'Mood' By Navin Vatsa

I captured this layered moment during sunrise along the banks of the Yamuna River in Delhi, India. This boy was thinking silently, and visitors were enjoying the loud musical chirping of thousands of seagulls. The early morning golden light from the east mixed with the western blue light, creating a [ethereal atmosphere]. I am a regular visitor [here] and have photographed this place for the past three years. Now, many national and international photographers have begun visiting [too].
Navin Vatsa


People’s Choice, People: ‘The Laugh’ By Jorge Delgado-Ureña

People's Choice, People: 'The Laugh' By Jorge Delgado-Ureña

It was not an easy task to capture the little lamas—as the older monks call them. They spend their free-time hanging out with each other, checking their social media, or playing football.
Jorge Delgado-Ureña


Second Place, People: ‘Daily Routine’ By Yoshiki Fujiwara

Second Place, People: 'Daily Routine' By Yoshiki Fujiwara

This photo was taken at a public park at Choi Hung House in Hong Kong. When I visited during the afternoon, it was very crowded with many young people taking pictures and playing basketball. But when I visited at sunrise, it was quiet and a different place. [The area] is [designated] for neighborhood residents in the early morning, and there was a sacred atmosphere. I felt divinity when I saw an old man doing tai chi in the sun.
Yoshiki Fujiwara


People’s Choice, Cities: ‘Sunrise Glow Decorates The City In Fog’ By Carlo Yuen

People's Choice, Cities: 'Sunrise Glow Decorates The City In Fog' By Carlo Yuen

The morning’s sunrise glow decorated the city in fog. Hong Kong is a coastal region and it has always been covered by fog during the spring. Fortunately, landscape photographers meet this wonderful scenery. However, this scene may be disappearing forever because of the global warming, Winter will disappear, and no more cold air will meet the warm air during the springtime. So, this is a very precious capture.
Carlo Yuen


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