20+ Unrepeatable Moments People Rushed to Snap Photos Of

11. The door slammed on this girl’s nails and even though it looks painful, it also looks beautiful.

12. The tiniest peas in the world

13. What waves look like underwater on a windy day

14. These beautiful rice fields in Bali

15. The Sutro Tower in San Francisco that, due to the foggy weather, looks like a floating ship.

16. A ship that sank and got trapped under the ice

17. This is what Mammatus Clouds look like:

Mammatus clouds form at the base of larger cumulonimbus clouds. When there is turbulence present in the cumulonimbus cloud then it will cause the mammatus clouds to form. It is basically a cloud that has been flipped upside down.

18. A yellow watermelon

Yellow watermelon is another variety of watermelon that is exactly the same as red in taste. There is genetic mutation added to it which prevents it from producing lycopene.

19. That is definitely what you don’t want on your pizza:

20. A rainbow patch reflected in the sky

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