20+ Times People Reached Such an Extreme Level of Idiocy, We Can’t Look at It Without Eye-Rolling

Extreme Level of Idiocy

According to researchers, smart people often do dumb things because they lack critical thinking skills. Every now and then, we all mess up when it comes to making logical choices. Oftentimes, that’s how we get into traffic accidents or other awkward situations. Still, there is a line that only the people featured in this article would dare to cross.

Join Apegeo in observing these eye-roll inducing peculiarities firsthand. Is there any hope at all for these people?

1. A man above the law

2. When hipsters go to art museums:

3. A cheap Halloween costume alternative

4. When you come prepared for any slope:

5. Germophobes are really losing their grip on reality.

6. It may take a while for that sausage to cook.

7. Don’t ever be THAT guy.

8. Some people just refuse to play by the rules.

9. Never go without a table again!

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