20+ The Most Adorable Fluffy Cross Breeds That Will Forever Melt Your Heart

20+ The Most Adorable Fluffy Cross Breeds That Will Forever Melt Your Heart

For a long time pedigree dogs have won the game for the best breeds, but recently things are starting to change. Cross breeding is now a common practice in a way to avoid fur molting, to get great family temperaments, and to create smaller breeds that are a better fit for many households. Luckily, because of this, a lot of new breeds we’ve never seen before have started to pop up, and they are possibly the cutest pups to ever exist in our lifetime.

We at Apegeo found the most adorable fluffy cross breeds that will forever melt your heart, and show you the unconventional cuteness that will change your favorite dog breed forever.

1. This teeny, tiny, ferocious fluff ball is a mix between a
Husky and a Pomeranian.


2. They’re called Pomskies and they can each turn out very different, but always just as adorable.


3. This Chabrador melts our hearts with her beautiful blue eyes.


4. This Huskidor looks like it’s been split right down the middle.


5. A cross between a Chow Chow and a Shar Pei makes for a chubby, little baby.


6. This tiny, teddy bear is called a Maltipoo.


7. 2 poodles in a pod: This big Bernedoodle loves his little Newfypoo brother


8. This Huskita is a big, bad wolf, I tell you!


9. Ru-roh! This Terrier mix has Retriever, Pitbull, and Chow Chow in him to make him look just like Scooby-Doo!


10. This Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian mixture makes for amazing markings.


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