20+ Photos That Show What’s Hidden Behind Ordinary Things

20+ Photos That Show What’s Hidden Behind Ordinary Things

The internet isn’t just full of photos of cats and manicure ideas, there are also things that usually stay behind the scenes: secret doors, weird mechanisms, and photographers’ and videographers’ tricks. Internet users like to share pictures of what actually happens on the set of films, in laboratories, and at universities.

Apegeo has decided to take a look at some ordinary things and find out the way they actually look and work.

Did you really think they only had one tiny microphone?

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our job is so glamorous.

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The way “Shot on iPhone” scenes are taken:

A secret closet at Cinderella’s castle

Decorations on top of decorations

An LED screen behind the scenes

The other side of a Victoria amazonica

From inside a power station cooling tower

This is how Instagram pictures are taken:

The way the hermit crab is fastened in a shell

When you wear a black turtleneck to avoid the reflection of the sunlight:

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