20+ Dogs That Are Tired of Being Good Boys, and We Really Pity Their Masters

adorable dogs

It’s said that pets resemble their owners: like us, they can also be fashionable, cool, and naughty. Animals make our lives brighter and funnier, and the pictures from this article prove this to be true.

Apegeo has collected 22 photos of adorable dogs that don’t ever let their hoomans get bored.

Who’s a good demon?

“Installed a cat door. Received a dog.”

A naughty dog playing dead so he wouldn’t have to leave the park.

“She freezes any time a banana is near.”

These dogs fell asleep playing with a tennis ball.

“My friend’s dog jumped into the shot.”

“I came home from vacation yesterday and my dog hasn’t left me alone since.”

“She just ran away to take a nap.”

“If I don’t lock the door, this happens.”

“A perfectly timed shot of his first snowball”

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