20+ Amazing Artists Who Can Make Our Jaws Hit the Floor

possible laws

Many people are disappointed with modern art: they believe that the popular events of today are incomparable to the quality of art from the past. But great art is still made today and we’re prepared to prove this sentiment wrong.

Apegeo has collected modern paintings and sculptures that break all possible laws.

It’s hard to believe that it’s a painting!

A crumbling diver


Diving into music


A genius reflection


A whale statue

A painting that smells like wine

Like the Gentle Giants of the California and Oregon coast, only a few of us grow to truly stand above the rest. The Pacific Coast redwoods have proudly retained the title for the tallest and longest-living trees on earth – earned by exhibiting the same steadfast endurance and persistence one must develop in order to reach life’s greatest goals. While contemplating the adventures of the road up ahead, raise a well-deserved glass of bold Cabernet to the qualities that made you what you are today: confidence, perseverance, and above all, “Standing Tall.” #ericchristensenfineart #ericchristensen #sequoiagrove #cambiumcabernet #napavalleylife #napawines #finewines #wineart #winepaintings #napavalleywine #artofnapavalley #lovethiswine

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It looks like a window.


Piano lessons

Piano lesson #owl #piano

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A Starry Night made of paper clips

TBT: ClipArt (V2), 2015 #starrynight #vangogh #vangoghmuseum

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This artist fits his paintings into a small notebook…

…and draws famous sculptures.

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