19 Unexpected Situations That Kill the Joy of Traveling

10. “Booked myself a window seat in advance.”

9. ” ’Go to the Taj Mahal at sunrise,’ they said. ’It’ll be beautiful,’ they said.”

8. When you’re lost in the jungle trying to find a waterfall:

7. “I was traveling across the country and got surrounded by buffalos.”

6. Great neighbors!

5. “I love being the pillow for her pillow. ”

I love being Shawna's pillow for her pillow. #travelfail#mylifeoneveryplane#sweetdreams

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4. “Something bad bit me in Colombia.”

3. “When you throw in a bag through the sunroof…with the car keys in it.”

2. “This woman invented an entirely new way of being inconsiderate on a long flight!”

1. “Great way to start a 9-hour flight!”

Bonus: sea change

Photographer Michael Marten travels around the world and takes pictures of threatening and dangerous sea level changes. He says, “I’m interested in showing landscape changes over time through natural processes and cycles. The camera that observes low and high tide side by side enables us to observe simultaneously two moments in time, 2 states of nature.”

Have you ever faced any difficulties while traveling?

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