19 Unexpected Situations That Kill the Joy of Traveling

joy of Traveling

Even if you carefully plan your vacation, something can still go wrong. You can get lost in the jungle, forget your car keys inside the car, or go head to head with a cheetah. Keep in mind that you have to stay calm and try to treat your problems with a little humor.

Apegeo believes that even the worst challenges can’t spoil a cool trip, and here is photographic proof!

19. “When I was 12, I was attacked by a monkey in Costa Rica. Just a perfect moment for a postcard.”

18. “I have a sleeping disorder so they’re monitoring my sleep behavior. Guess I shouldn’t travel by bus today.”

17. “I climbed a mountain to enjoy Rio de Janeiro’s views.”

16. For those who constantly forget to bring travel adapters

15. Before ordering a dish, find out the size of a serving.

14. When you ask her to take only what she really needs:

Today's #travelfail… I completely took the wrong train line after my 14 hour overnight flight to Sydney and wound up walking a mile in a VERY busy area up and down hills from the Circular Quay station to my hotel holding my bags like THIS!!! Got a few funny looks but made it to my hotel and dropped my bags off and cleaned up. Good thing I run and lift weights with my sweetheart!!! #travel #travelproblems #runnergirl #running #girlswhotravel #girlswholift #girlswhohike #stronglegs #backpacking #sydney #visitaustralia

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