18 Pictures Proving That This World of Ours Can Be Really Crazy

going crazy

Believing you’re crazy is one of the signs that you’re actually sane. But there is also the notion of “going crazy” which the quirks on this list can definitely trigger.

The bathroom mirror at a bar in Italy

© unknown / imgur

Doorknob placement 101

© OminousMass23 / reddit

Meet fake Steve Jobs in a fake Apple store.

© Vkool / reddit

Must be yummy!

© FloodsVFX / reddit

We want to see the pitch presentation for this one.

© Mgutierrez2437 / reddit

FIFA 2018 in Russia

© Tertychenko / pikabu

When welding gets out of hand:

© sundool / pikabu

Red, white & blue armed forces gummies

© theowlinwinterfell / reddit

Why wash when you can scrape?

© raginghappy / reddit

“I’ll have 100.”

© ciaran_palmer / reddit

For all the crazy cat ladies out there:

© zephyrbird1111 / reddit

The 5-legged frog

© Pork_Chops_McGee / reddit

Glorious Santa entrance

© T0rr1nw0rX / imgur

The critically endangered northern river terrapin

© ittwasntme / reddit

“An enormous sweet potato my dad discovered growing on the side of our house!”

© HooniganMike / imgur

Interesting brand of cereal

© Wednesday167 / reddit

People whitening their teeth at a fair

© Milumet / reddit

Looks like a steal!

© jjackyy / reddit

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