15+ Warning Signs That Show Just How Crazy the World Can Be (Beware: You’re Going to Have a Lot of Questions)

warning signs compilation

Have you ever seen any absurd warning signs? Like a pizza box that tells you to open it before eating, or a coffee machine that tells you not to drink out of your hands instead of cups? As crazy as these warning signs are, if the people who broke these rules didn’t exist, neither would the signs.

The Apegeo team really wants to know the stories behind every warning sign in this compilation.

1. Bacon would be such a devastating loss.

2. This could only happen in India.

3. “Please, don’t do this to me.”

4. This may actually attract people.

5. Intriguing…

6. This is what modern devices do to us:

7. But what if the box is tasty too?

8. We don’t even know which part of this sign is the most surprising.

9. What a shame!

10. How often does this happen?

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