15+ Touching Photos of Animals Waiting for Babies to Come Into This World (Warning: These Can Melt Your Heart)


Pets are just like kids, and when couples decide to have a baby, they’re sometimes afraid that their cat or dog may feel left out or lonely.

Apegeo wants to assure you that our pets are happy to take care of moms-to-be. Believe us, their love is boundless!

20. “My cat finally accepts that I’m pregnant.”

19. One baby waiting for another one

18. The most caring babysitter

17. “My wife is 8 months pregnant and the cat just realized our daughter wants out.”

16. “My wife is 8 months pregnant now. This has been his favorite hangout for the last 3 months.”

15. “These cats must somehow know my wife is pregnant. Every day… like a magnet.”

14. “She comes and sleeps on my pregnant wife like this every night.”

13. “My dog won’t leave my pregnant wife’s side.”

12. “My wife is 7 months pregnant and our cat doesn’t leave her.”

11. “Mama cat loves to cuddle this pregnant belly.”

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