15 Ordinary Things We Have at Home That Can Be Dangerous

Ordinary Things

If you want to take care of your health, you might want to take a closer look at the things you use in your everyday life and replace them with harmless alternatives. Or you can just stick to some simple rules to avoid the dangers. For example, rubber toys in the bathroom can collect dangerous mold, so you should get rid of them as soon as possible.

We at Apegeo want to draw your attention to the ordinary things many people use every day not knowing about the hidden dangers to their health.

15. Sunscreen


Studies show that many sunscreens contain harmful chemicals that can disrupt the hormonal balance and even lead to tumors. Of course, this is only true for some sunscreens and only if they are used all the time, but we should still be careful.

Besides, our body needs sunlight and constant protection from the sun does more harm than good.

Solution: Choose only high-quality brands of sunscreen products and read the contents very carefully. They shouldn’t contain any carcinogens.


14. Spill-proof cups for children


Spill-proof sippy cups for kids are dangerous because some of them have parts that can’t be removed without being broken. Since there is no way to remove and clean them, mold grows inside and every time a child drinks from this cup the dangerous fungus gets inside their body.

Solution: Only buy cups with removable parts and wash them well after each use.


13. Mouthwash


Just like soap and shower gel, most mouthwashes contain triclosan. This chemical destroys the good bacteria together with the bad which can cause an allergic reaction, a hormone imbalance, and even heart problems.

Solution: Remember that mouthwash is really only necessary for people who have a tooth infection or a gum problem. Using it every day if you have no dental problems is a bad idea.


12. Blender


It’s not the blender itself that is dangerous but its rubber parts. They are rarely washed and disinfected and as a result, your blender turns into a perfect place for bacteria and mold.

Solution: Just don’t forget to wash the entire blender every time you use it.


11. Wash pouf


Wash pouf are good for the skin because they help to remove the dead skin cells. However, they are also the perfect place for bacteria, especially in a warm and wet bathroom. Many people use the same pouf for a long time without disinfecting it and don’t even know that they are hurting their skin.

Solution: As an alternative, you can buy a pouf made of natural materials which prevent bacteria from reproducing. If you really love your pouf, it’s important to buy a new one regularly (at least once a month) and disinfect it with antibacterial substances.


10. TV


Watching TV before sleep is a global tendency. But in fact, you shouldn’t do it in the evening because the information and the artificial light from the TV stimulate the function of the brain and can decrease your levels of melatonin which regulate your sleep.

It’s especially bad to watch news and horror movies before sleep. They can cause anxiety, nightmares, and even insomnia.

Solution: Get the TV out of the bedroom. And don’t use a phone or a tablet either.


9. Plastic cutting board


Plastic is a convenient and universal material but you can’t use it for a long time. If you use it for longer than you are supposed to, microscopic pores are formed on the surface of the board where dirt and food stay and rot.

Solution: Replace plastic boards with wooden ones, just don’t forget to buy new ones regularly and use different boards for meat and vegetables. If you prefer plastic boards, choose high-quality models and change them once every several months.


8. AC filters


Of course, it’s impossible to live without an air conditioner. It makes the temperature low enough to live in. However, they are only safe before the filters inside are full of dust and dirt. After that, the filter becomes a perfect place for mold which is blown into the room together with dust.

Solution: Have your air conditioner checked regularly and don’t forget to change the filter. The AC manual should tell you how often it should be done.


7. Christmas lights


Many Christmas lights (especially the cheap ones) are made of PVC and processed plastic. They contain harmful chemicals that can disrupt the endocrine system and cause memory impairment.

Solution: Pay attention to the materials the lights are made of. Buy them at good stores.


6. Artificial sweeteners


We all know eating a lot of sugar is bad for our health. This is why people often choose artificial sweeteners which are also used in the production of “healthy” food. When in fact, studies show that eating too many artificial sweeteners leads to weight gain, metabolism problems, cardiovascular diseases, and type II diabetes.

Solution: If you really like sweet foods, eat fruit instead of dessert.


5. Children’s toys


Stuffed toys are dangerous because they are perfect for bacteria and could cause staph infection. Children are more susceptible to infections and toys can cause respiratory and skin problems.

Solution: Do not forget that children’s toys also need to be washed as often as shoes and clothes.

Ordinary Things

4. Bath mats


Because the bath mat is always in a warm and wet place, it is a great place for the formation of bacteria and mold. This can cause skin irritation and respiratory diseases like asthma.

Solution: Don’t forget to wash the bath mat according to the instructions and dry it just as well as your towels after every time you use it.


3. Kitchen towels


Kitchen towels are a great breeding ground for E. coli. Your kitchen towel has 4 million bacteria for every one square centimeter. This can cause serious poisoning in both humans and animals.

Solution: Be careful when using kitchen towels because when you touch raw foods with them, you give that bacteria a place to reproduce. Don’t forget to wash the towels at high temperatures and replace them with new ones at least once every 2 months.


2. Headphones


Doctors are sure that if a person constantly listens to loud sounds, it causes substantial harm to the hearing. These issues are also connected to listening to loud music with headphones.


1. Rubber toys for the bathroom


Rubber toys that your children use may look very clean. But that’s only on the outside. Scientists have warned that dangerous microorganisms can live inside these toys because a warm and wet environment is a great place for mold and fungus. When your child plays with these in the bath, this mold can get into the water which can lead to serious eye, ear, and even stomach problems.

Just try cutting any rubber toy in half and you will see what’s inside.

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