18 Moving Photos That Warmed Our Souls

photos proving

Sometimes, it seems that we are so hard to impress. It’s because life is sometimes hard and we have to be ready. And then we realize that we are still children inside and we can be shocked and moved. Look at a small brave dog that did everything to protect children, a barber who went outside and gave a trendy cut to a guy in a wheelchair!

Apegeo has found photos proving that the world is full of love and kindness. We just need to learn to see it.

A guy in a wheelchair couldn’t get through the doors of the barbershop, so the barber took his tools and gave him a haircut on the street.

A monument for this small dog who managed to save 2 children from 2 pit bulls and died because of the injuries he got:

Children who have cancer designed for shoes for soccer players. The players will wear them for their next game.

This woman stopped traffic to help a family of capybaras cross the street in Petrópolis, Brazil.

A notice on one of the doors of a shop in Ireland:

“My boy, Bruno, saving doggies’ lives by donating blood”

A husband helping his pregnant wife with her pedicure

She has cerebral palsy, so she can’t talk or walk. When she saw her 1-year-old brother fall into a pool, she screamed. Adults heard the scream and saved the boy. She was given an award.

This fence cut around this tree

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