15+ Magnificent Cats That Could Melt Your Heart

11. And Sky is probably a literal cloud with his white fur and blue eyes.

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“When you wake up and it’s not Friday.” #skytheragdoll

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12. This kitty is a cute little demon nobody would feel bad about selling their soul to.

13. This snow white lord looks at everybody with slight displeasure.

14. And this is Thor, an exotic Bengal boy.

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15. Snoopy is a forever-child with her shy smile.

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5yrs old today!!🍥#snoopybabe

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16. These Persian babies are probably impossible to see in the snow.

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Hugs and love ❤️ for all the babies before they leave! First baby to leave is Molly tonight.

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18. Smoothie is probably the most photogenic cat in the world.

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Interested versus bored. Which one are you atm?

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19. And this blue-eyed Romanian girl serves looks everywhere she goes.

20. This is not a boy, this is a full grown man!

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Fluffy Fuji💗 #mainecoon

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