14 Photos of Dogs Before and After They Were Adopted by Truly Kind People

happy animals

Many cats and dogs are on the verge of death every day because of human cruelty or carelessness. However, there are happy animals who’ve managed to start a new life even after all the challenges that they’ve had to go through.

Apegeo has collected examples of happy animals who managed to find happiness in loving families. And at the end of the article, we’ll tell you about a person who doesn’t just do his job but also listens to what his heart tells him to do.


When this pit bull was a puppy, he was used as bait in dog fights. Apollo had terrible injuries. He wouldn’t have been able to survive if he hadn’t been rescued by a loving family at the age of 6 weeks. He had to have multiple surgeries and he walks with a limp, but he is still the happiest and the most loyal pit bull you’ve ever met.


Sedona and Zeus found their new owner in a hot desert. Jordan Kahara was on a cross country trip and accidentally bumped into these 2 tiny puppies who were walking near the side of the road. When he put them in his car, he already knew they were his dogs. Now, together they have traveled over 30 thousand miles and have visited 35 states.


Cedar was named after the golf course close to where he was found by volunteers. He was exhausted and almost completely bald because of the stress. He was taken care of by a rescue team and his path to recovery was very long but despite all the challenges, he managed to stay friendly. Just look at that happy dog that finally found a new home.


This cute little dog named Willow was rescued from a Korean meat farm. It was found out that this 11-year-old poodle was given to a slaughterhouse by his previous owners. They got $20 for betraying their friend. Fortunately, Willow and 300 more dogs that could’ve ended up on someone’s table were saved by the Save Korean Dogs organization. Several months later, Willow turned into a beautiful dog.


Stellar was given to a shelter when her owners didn’t need her anymore. They had also cut her ears by themselves. She had lost all interest in life but when she finally found a loving family, she became happy again.


This Doberman named Miller was found by policemen after some people contacted them about a dog that was walking around their neighborhood which is how he got taken to the animal shelter. Despite his scary look, he is a kind and loyal friend. In the shelter, Miller “helped” other sick and scared dogs learn to communicate with other animals and trust people again.


This Shih Tzu baby was found by volunteers in terrible condition. His fur was matted, he was weak, and he had rotten teeth. He went through all his medical procedures with great endurance and turned into a great dog that is able to communicate with anyone.


Kaio was found exactly 2 years ago abandoned on the side of the road. Now he’s about 105 pounds and a really happy dog. He’s a crossbreed of an Italian Cane Corso and a pit bull. He loves swimming and he is a very cute and friendly dog.


Augustus was found in Chicago with bleeding wounds, chemicals burns, and a gunshot wound in the leg. He basically looked like a skeleton with skin. It’s hard to imagine what this dog has been through. For a long time, he was on the verge of death. It was only with proper care and the persistence of his vets that he restored his faith in children and people. He was taken home by the director of the animal shelter and now Augustus follows her everywhere.


Belle hardly deserved this name at the moment when she was found. This poor girl was weak and her fur was in terrible shape as the vet found hundreds of ticks burrowed in her skin. Belle was lucky to eventually find people who became her new owners.

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