Truths About Marriage You Must Consider Before Getting Married


These truths are totally relatable!

Well, I don’t have to be the one who breaks the news to you: that marriage is quite a double edge sword – The perfect one doesn’t exist, and the troubling one doesn’t exit. Everyone has different opinions on marriage. Bachelors believe that married life is good whereas married people think bachelors’ life is better.

Things change after marriage, and though the changes may not be spontaneous, they can be quite visible after some time. Married life is different. It is sweet as well as salty. All you need is a good sense of courage and heart to continue the relationship effectively.

We have compiled some hilarious truths about married life that may not be accurate but are certainly relatable.

1. You don’t own your own salary


And if you think it’s the taxes that are taking all your money, think again. You are paying the ‘I-married-you’ tax! Good luck.


2. Sharing is caring

But only if you keep yourself to your limits.


3. A new way of passive aggressive fighting

Though the hubby seems happy now, his wife better finds some milk in the fridge… or else…


4. Don’t get caught staring other women. Otherwise, you know what’s next.

You wouldn’t wanna be the ‘Distracted Husband’ meme now, would ya?


5. Be funny at your own risk.

Looks like somebody’s getting a full plate of lecture tonight.


6. The life journey of a guy.

This is so accurate, that it makes me cry.


7. You need to learn all household stuff.

Rookie mistake, boy. You do exactly as you’ve been told. Always!


8. “I’m fine” means that I’m not.

If you hear these words, you best go through your life in a flashback and retrospect over all the errors you’ve made.


9. Some things never change in life.

However long it takes after the wedding – the victory sip (or the victory chug) belongs to the woman.


10. Don’t even dare to think like that. 

First off… not the weaker sex. Second of all, don’t even try.


11. Always make sure that your wife never gives you a task.

Be careful of what you wish for.


12. The most accurate depiction of a married life.

The state of the lion in the cage is exactly what every married guy feels in their homes.


13. Five minutes can last for five hours.

Well, it’ll be 5 more minutes, I suppose.


14. It doesn’t matter how you pretend, but she’ll be the boss always.

I am sure that many of you would have been able to relate these truths about married life.

That’s all, folks!

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