14 Facts About Everything We Didn’t Know This Morning, and Now Our World Won’t Be the Same

brain function

Our brain starts working before birth and its development never stops. More than that, in order to keep the brain function normal and healthy for our entire life, we need to feed new knowledge to our grey matter.

14. 100 people were surveyed and here is the chart of the choices in “Rock, paper, scissors”

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13. Full-scale model of a blue whale’s heart compared to a person

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12. Ultraviolet is used to find a scratch on an eye

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If there is a scratch on the eye and doctors need to find out where it is, they add a drop of UV dye to the eye and find the scratch using a UV light. In this picture, you can see the scratch near the bottom of the pupil.

11. A double rainbow is different than a regular one.

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If a rainbow is double, then the colors in each of them will go in different directions: one of the will have the red color in the bottom and the other will have violet.

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