14 Comic Artists Draw What Loneliness Means To Them

I asked 14 comic artists to illustrate their take on loneliness. Here are the results:

2. Zhen K — @lemonpoppyseedmuffin

“This comic kind of describes how loneliness affects me. While some people feel lonely without people around them, I feel the loneliest around other people — even my own friends. I feel like even though I’m there, I’m not actually there. Instead, I feel like I’m invisible to everyone around me and because of this, I prefer to be alone instead.”

3. Sel — @skybanyes

“As a person, I am very loving and caring. Yet, all this love that fills my soul is hardly ever directed to myself. I have had internal struggles all my life. For me, the hardest kind of loneliness is feeling isolated from my own self. This is the feeling I tried to illustrate here. I hope anyone who recognises themselves in this too, can slowly learn to fit their own self in their heart.”


4. Andrés L — @dystopiancomics

“Loneliness is something that’s always there. Sometimes we embrace it and let it take over, but sometimes we get the chance to look at the bigger picture and maybe realise that we were looking the wrong way all this time.”

5. Isa TG — @petunia.byisatg

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“I spend a lot of time alone drawing at home, and turning on the TV would always keep me company. I like being alone for my creative endeavours but sometimes, it gets too quiet. I think there’s a difference between solitude and loneliness. You find yourself in the first one but lose yourself in the latter.”

6. Vic Ven — @vicscribs

“A happy face is a happy face. But sometimes, it could be an internal scream, asking for a hug; a pat in the back; or maybe small assurances that everything’s going to be okay. The thing about loneliness is that it doesn’t always show how you might expect it to. The real question is, could you recognise the lonely happy ones?”

7. Ruth — @sweetcornandlettuce

“I’ve tried so hard to avoid being alone my entire life in the fear of becoming lonely. Then I realised that it’s okay to be alone at times, because it’s the only time I truly have for myself and now I love every second of it.”

8. Weinye Chen — @itsweinye

“I used to fear the thought of being alone, because I thought that meant that I was lonely. But as I learned to love myself more, spending time alone became therapeutic and really relaxing. It’s awesome!”

9. Huda F — @yesimhotinthis

“We all process loneliness differently. My husband asks why I choose to be lonely sometimes. I tell him that the times I’ve felt the loneliest have been at parties surrounded by friends. Canceling plans and singing sad songs is simply how I choose to embrace loneliness.”

10. Chris Hallbeck — @pebble_and_wren

“Sometimes being alone can be scary. You think you deserve it. There’s no way out. That’s when you find out who your real friends are.”

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