13 Animals Who Nailed the Weight Loss Game, and We Can’t Help but Be Inspired

11. Equestrian

He's finally lost some weight! First pic was October 2013 😂 and the second is today. Look at his belly! #horse #equine #equestrian #welsh #welshxcob

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This owner’s active lifestyle made this cute horse, Equestrian as fit as ever. It took him 1.5 years to get into good shape. Currently, Equestrian gets prizes for his perfect jumps.

12. Fraggle

Fraggle didn’t get along with kids at his first owner’s house, so he was thrown out. The new owner is really proud of his transformation: he went from 10 kilos (22 lb) to 7.5 kilos (16 lb). However, the owner suspects that in the second photo the cat is holding in his belly.

13. Obie

Obie the dachshund was heavily obese when he got to his new owner 6 years ago. This long journey was documented on Facebook by Nora. He has maintained a healthy weight for over 3 years and really enjoys his new body.

Let’s support these cute buddies and their owners with kind wishes! Share stories of your pets’ transformations in the comment section.

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