12 Makeup Hacks That Can Change Every Girl’s Life (No Special Skills or Expensive Tools Needed)

Makeup Hacks

Despite the fact that we’re all very different and have our own visions of what is beautiful, there are some hacks that can suit everyone.

It’s pretty easy to understand why a person wants to look good and the countless hours spent in front of the mirror shouldn’t be a waste of time, right? Makeup is a great way to try different looks and styles that best fit your persona.

Apegeo collected some tips that will help you feel even better about your appearance!

1. Belly contouring

Summer is in full swing and it’s hard to overcome the desire to put on a short top. But many of us are too shy to show off our stomachs. In order to give off the appearance of having a toned torso, you can just contour your belly. Apply foundations of different colors to create six-pack abs and just blend the lines.

2. Prevent watery eyes

💕WATERY EYES? 😿. . . My loves Today I want to share with you this easy tip to prevent your eyes to water when you are applying eyeshadow, mascara or eyelashes. 💥 You need warm water with a cloth leave and massage your eyes for 1 minute. For better result I include @dermalogica Tranquility Eye Pillow to RELAX 😍❤️. . . Mis amores hoy quiero compartir estén Tip súper fácil para evitar que lloren nuestros ojos cuando aplicas las sombras, pestañina o pestañas y no dañar todo nuestro Maquillaje !!! 😩🌹. Necesitan un pañito con agua caliente y dejar reposar en sus ojos , masajeando por un minuto ! 💙. Decidí incluir mi almohada para ojos de @dermalogica para relajarme 😳💥. . . . #makeupaddict #lipgloss #eyeliner #makeupfanatic1 #makeuplove #makeupforever #makeupbyme #makeupmafia #instamakeupartist #makeuplook #hudabeauty #makeupgeek #makeuomurah #laurag_143 #monakattan #hairmakeupdiary #makeupartistworldwide #diymakeup #wateryeyes

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You can try this method before applying eye makeup. It will take you one minute. Wet a towel or cloth in warm water, put it over your eyes, and gently massage the area.

3. Create smooth eyebrows

You can use tweezers to help you draw smooth lines. Apply a little eyebrow gel or pencil on the edges of the tweezers and draw along the eyebrows.

4. Baby oil for lips

You can prepare a special scrub in order to return softness to your lips.

Mix ½ tbsp of sugar with 1 tbsp of baby oil into a paste. Add a couple of drops of lemon juice or ½ tsp of vaseline. Apply the mixture to your lips with your finger and rub. Use lip balm after washing the paste off your lips.

5. No lipstick on teeth

To avoid getting lipstick on your teeth, form an O shape with your lips, put your finger in your mouth, and pull it out slowly so that the excess lipstick will remain on your finger and won’t appear on your teeth.

6. Applying concealer under your eyes

The concealer triangle will help you hide dark circles. Draw lines from the inner and outer corners of the eye to the top of the cheek. Apply the concealer inside the triangle and blend it.

7. Lipstick from eye shadow

Sometimes it can be quite difficult to find the perfect shade of lipstick for your skin color. The good news is that you can easily create it yourself!

Place the contents of colorless chapstick into a glass container and then add some eye shadow to it and put it in the microwave for about 2 minutes. Then stir it together and pour it into an empty lipstick container. Wait until the lipstick cools and then you’ll have your perfect lipstick color!

8. Restoring a dry pencil liner

You won’t deny that it’s difficult to use a dry eye pencil. In that case, you can take a hair dryer and direct it at the eyeliner. Make sure to dry over the entire pencil for over half a minute. Now you can use your favorite liner again without any problems.

9. Lip products as eye shadow

You can easily use lip products on the eyes. Lipstick, lip liner, and gloss can be an excellent substitute for eye shadow. Firstly, it’s very convenient to use one thing for several purposes. And secondly, you save money on buying extra products.

10. Perfect eye wing with a pencil

✏️️✏️️✏️️ (ps pencil leads are not made of lead, they are made of graphite.) ______________________ I hate it when my fav eyeliner pen starts to dry out at the tip (loosing its sharp shape too) and you can't create that same fleeky eyeliner anymore 😫 In a rush I randomly did this trick the other day and it actually works really well 😂😂🙌🏼🔥 ______________________ Products featured: @lorealmakeup superliner superstar black eyeliner pen. . @hudabeauty @shophudabeauty lashes in Samantha. ______________________ Disclaimer: please do be careful and try not to poke your eyes out 🙏🏼 also pencil lead is not really made out of lead but graphite which is considered very minimally toxic and that's only if you ingest it or if it is punctured through your skin. In here the pencil is a mere medium to achieve the wing of the eye, the product on your skin will still only be the liquid eyeliner. _____________________ Song: Bandook meri Laila – A gentleman _____________________ #eyeliner #fleek #eyelinertutorial #tutorial #hudabeauty #trick #hack #liner #makeuptutorial #linerandbrows

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You can use an ordinary pencil to draw smooth eye wings without any difficulty. Apply a bit of eyeliner on your arm and dip the pencil in it. Then put it to the eye edge and carefully draw a wing.

11. White eyeliner for bigger eyes

It’s a well-known fact that black eyeliner makes our eyes look smaller. So you can use a white one to achieve the opposite effect. Just apply it to the inner eyelid and your eyes will look bigger. If you want it to look more natural, use a nude liner.

12. Dot contouring

The rules of dot contouring are the same as for the usual method — you need to lighten the center of the forehead, the area under the eyes, the chin and the nose. Highlight the cheekbones and the forehead on the sides toward the temples. You can also add blush to the top of your cheeks. After you have placed all the dots in the necessary areas, blend them in.

What other makeup hacks do you know? Share them with us in the comments!

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