10+ Unusual Cats Breeds That People All Around The World Own

New cat breeds appear all the time. Some appear as a result of accidental mutations, and some as a result of long and careful work for many generations. Short-fur, bald, yellow-eyes, cats that look like tigers and leopards with curled ears and short legs — breeders can get really creative.

We at Apegeo also love cats and we found some of the most rare, new, and unusual cats that people all around the world own.

1. American Wirehair

The fur of these cats looks very wiry (which is why the breed has this name) but in fact, it’s just as soft as other cats’ fur. The cats of this breed are never brushed after washing in order to keep the natural beauty of their fur. American Wirehairs are really curious and obedient and they can easily adapt to change.

2. Sokoke

African Sokoke cats look like Cheetahs. They have spots on their bodies, big ears, and they are really active. The breed appeared at the end of the 1970s and became popular throughout Europe very fast. Sokoke cats are independent and not demanding but their owners need to make sure they have enough room to play.

3. Nebelung

LaPerms are some of the most unusual cats in this compilation. They are special because their fur is permanently curly.

6. Chantilly-Tiffany

Foldex cats look a lot like toys. This is a combination of British Shorthair, Scottish Fold, and Persian cats. They have a lot of fur and they are quite friendly. They can’t live without their owners.

9. American Curl

The special feature of the cats of this breed are their ears, which are an unusual shape. Curls can have both long fur and short fur, they can be any color, the only thing that matters is that the ears should be curled. Curls are very loyal and communicative cats with great health.

10. Selkirk Rex

It’s not only LaPerms that have permanent curly hair. Selkirk Rex cats also have this fur. This is a combination of Persian, British, and some exotic breed with a dominant curly fur gene. Selkirk Rex cats look like small bears and they are really loyal and kind. Their fur has to be taken care of every day, otherwise, there may be problems.

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