10+ Times Pet Owners Went Way Too Far

Pet Owners

Cat owners are more anxious. Dog owners are more extroverted. People who like to have aquariums are the lazy ones — they don’t even need to walk their pets (or maybe they do)! But one thing is for sure: most people love their pets.

Apegeo has collected photos of pet owners who seem to pay a little too much attention to their pets.

1. Too bad they forget everything in a few seconds…

2. Is there a modeling agency for dogs?

3. What a life!

4. We hope it’s business class.

5. The rabbit-dog!

Dachshund or rabbit 🐰🙈 #Easter #easterbunny #soembarassing 🤣 #illdoanythingforatreat #cutie #spring #sunshine ☀️ @dogsandhats1

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6. Does he have a driver’s license?

7. Masterpiece!

8. Let me cut the meat for you, dear.

9. This pooch doesn’t look too happy…

10. Looks like they’re about to fly.

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