10+ The Most Surreal Sculptures That Defy The Laws Of Nature

10+ The Most Surreal Sculptures That Defy The Laws Of Nature

Modern sculpture is more than the art of embodying objects in stone, metal, or other materials. It is also a metaphorical language that helps artists speak with the audience about everything from feelings and relationships to philosophy and climate change.

Apegeo invites you on a journey around the world in search of the most surreal sculptures that defy the laws of nature!

1. A Venice Biennale sculpture by Lorenzo Quinn depictsdramatic hands emerging from the Grand Canal and trying to save Venice from drowning. The sculpture was meant to attract more attention to the problem of climate change.

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2. Another work by Lorenzo Quinn is Force of Nature, a seriesof gravity-defying sculptures showing women rotating the Earth with pieces of cloth.

3. “Les Voyageurs” or The Travelers, are a series of life-size bronze sculptures by Bruno Catalano. The figures are missinghuge parts of their bodies, as if they are slowly fading away.

5. The Unknown Official, also called the Unknown Bureaucrat, by Magnus Tomasson is an eye-catching and extraordinary piece of art located in Reykjavik, Iceland.

6. Sculptures of the series Heart of Trees by Jaume Plensa may be seen in different cities of the world. Bronze figures that are slightly larger than life-size embrace trees with their arms and legs. Don’t they look surreal?

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8. Enormous sculpture called Walking by Wei Wang at the festival Sculptures by the Sea in Bondi, Australia

10. Looking Up, a 33-foot stainless steel sculpture by Tom Friedman, located in Austin, Texas, is a perfect example of monumental contemporary art.


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