10+ Sweet Feline Species That Incredibly Sweet

10+ Sweet Feline Species That Incredibly Sweet

Felines are absolutely gorgeous. They’re bossy, emotional and incredibly sweet — and that’s why we all love them. But there are many more different feline species that we know of, and they’re no less adorable than the most common breeds and we’re eager to share them with you!

Here at Apegeo, we want to present you with 20 rare, sweet feline species that will definitely lighten up your day.

1. This Pallas’s cat seems to live its best life.

2. You now want a sand kitten for yourself, right?

3. This Pallas’s cat is just resting. But we bet no one can resist its sweetness.

4. These 2 Servals are pure little creatures.

5. Cuteness overload: a running Caracal kitten

6. These Iberian lynxes are the picture of pure love.


7. We’d watch this clouded leopard sleep forever.

Hugging a Rock - 8x10

8. And these snow leopards are no less precious.

9. Do you also want to defend this little Geoffroy’s cat?

Geoffroy's cat

10. A totally satisfied white lion

The White Lion Sleeps Tonight


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