10 Dangerous Things You Probably Do in Your Car

road accidents while driving

A lot of careless things are done by drivers on a daily basis while driving. The most common ones we know of are rash driving, dangerous passing, drinking and driving, and using cell phones while driving. Around 1.3 million people are killed each year in road accidents. This is a huge number and is quite alarming.

At Apegeo, we collected few pointers to be kept in mind while in a moving vehicle in order to avoid accidents on the road.

10. Singing along with the car’s radio and driving

Ever find yourself singing along with your favorite song playing on radio station while you’re driving? This is actually a very bad idea, as much as it doesn’t sound like it. If you pay attention, you will find that you usually get too emotional, too excited, or too overwhelmed by music.

For this reason, it’s not advised to sing along, also considering that with high and low notes, you tend to close your eyes. It only takes a millisecond of carelessness while driving to cost you your life.

9. Putting headphones on while driving

Another bad idea is to put earphones or headphones on while driving. You can’t hear people honking behind you and you may not even be able to hear important announcements. There are also a few people who tend to feel sleepy while listening to music through earphones or headphones.

8. Wearing high heels

For all the women who are ready to get all dressed up and drive themselves to a party wearing high heels, it’s advised to keep either a spare pair of flats in the car or to drive barefoot. Heels can get stuck in the floorboard and become the cause for an accident. They can also be uncomfortable while driving.

7. Putting your feet up on the dashboard

If you are also among those who are in the habit of putting your feet up on the dashboard while in the car, you have to read this. An incident that happened recently went viral and made people aware of the dangerous consequences of putting their feet on the dashboard of a car.

During an emergency, if the car gets into an accident, the person sitting in this position will get hurt the most. The explanation for this is that when the airbags get deployed in an accident, the chances are that your feet could fold back toward your face setting the stage for terrible injuries. There is also less control over your body in this position which can make you incapable of preventing this trauma.

6. Sleeping beside the driver

Sitting in the passenger seat and planning on taking a nap? Bad idea! We have all heard of the scientific fact that when you see a person yawning, you tend to yawn yourself too. Juergen Zulley, a sleep researcher and professor of biological psychology at Regensburg University, says snoozing passengers, specifically beside the driver’s seat, can make the driver drowsy too.

So passengers should not only stay awake, but they should also keep checking on the driver to see if he is yawning a lot.

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