10+ Pics What’s Going On When Mommy Is Away

10+ Pics What’s Going On When Mommy Is Away

Parenting is tough. Still, 90% of dads say being a parent is their greatest joy. Let’s be honest, it can’t be all about dirty diapers or having a hard time sleeping. We think the reason dads love it so much is that they are big kids themselves, so they are happy to find new best friends and have fun!

Apegeo has found a few photos of what’s going on when mommy is away. Don`t miss our bonus at the end!

1. This mouse pad is so strange.

2. It’s so hard to tell them apart.

3. Drew eyebrows on my kid, was not disappointed…

4. The baby just loves how my beard feels… on her feet.

5. The cake is ready!

6. Well, at least they’re clean now.

7. This dad clearly tried his best.

8. “Hubby takes our 2-week-old son every morning so that I can catch up on sleep.”

9. “My boss brought his son to work today.”

10. Just checking to see how strong the stroller is.


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