10+ Crucial Facts So Important During An Emergency

11. Hide in the tub in case of a tornado.


While most people will tell you that rushing to the nearest shelter or a bunker when a tornado is arriving is the safest thing to do, there might not be enough time for that. Bathtubs have proven to be the most secure places inside your house to hide in case of a tornado. According to AccuWeather, bathrooms have strong framing and the pipes help keep their structure together. Also, the tubs are so well anchored to the ground that they are usually the only things standing in houses after these catastrophes. Make sure that you take a big cushion with you to protect yourself from the debris that may fall on you. If you feel that the wind is so strong that it might take you with it, just grab on to the faucet.


12. Use some foil to fill the gap in the battery compartment if you don’t have the correct size.

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Let’s say you are stuck in the middle of a tough situation, or even a natural disaster, and you are in desperate need of AA batteries, but can only find AAA. If you can locate some tin foil, you can easily use it to fix the problemYou can roll up some foil and add it into the gap in the battery compartment of your flashlight or any other necessary item. The tin foil will do its job and transfer the electricity to the device.

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