10+ Compilation Breathtaking Skyscrapers From Around The World

11. Jeddah Tower — Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (under construction)

© Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture / Jeddah Economic Company
Estimated to be completed in 2020, Jeddah Tower will be the first building in the world to reach a height of 1 km (3,281 ft). Inspired by a bundle of leaves sprouting from the ground, the tower is designed as an attempt to signify growth, prosperity, and regional emergence — a symbol of the Kingdom’s economic and cultural stature.

12. Kingdom Center — Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

© Kingdom Center
The third tallest building “with a hole” in the world, the large opening in the Kingdom Center is illuminated at night in continuously changing colors. The inverted arch at the top was described as the city’s “necklace.”

13. Q1 — Gold Coast, Australia

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The Q1 site is bound by the Gold Coast Highway, Clifford Street, Hamilton Avenue and Northcliffe Terrace – Did you know the latter streets were named in the late 1920s in honour of members of Australia’s champion Olympic sculling team? Image via @skypoint_au #q1 #q1resort #goldcoast #surfersparadise #travel #luxury #hotel #queensland #wearegoldcoast #ilovegoldcoast #vacation #stay #resort

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Q1 is recognized as one of the landmark icons in Queensland for its “remarkable engineering feat.” It is the sixth tallest residential tower in the world and the tallest in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere. The tower’s design was inspired by the Sydney 2000 Olympic torch.

Which building did you find most impressive? Did you know about the inspiration behind the designs of these awe-inspiring skyscrapers?

Preview photo credit Vincent Callebaut Architectures

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