10+ Compilation Breathtaking Skyscrapers From Around The World

10+ Compilation Breathtaking Skyscrapers From Around The World

As the remarkable feats of modern engineering come to fruition, we see astounding skyscrapers visibly materialize, standing tall. With each new construction being completed, a newer, more cutting-edge design is being made a possibility, which was otherwise unimaginable.

Apegeo brings you a compilation of these incredible marvels from around the world:

1. One World Trade Center — New York, USA

© John D. Morris / Wikimedia Commons
Formerly known as the “Freedom Tower,” it was built in an effort to memorialize the original “World Trade Center” lost in the devastating 9/11 terrorist attacks. Completed in 2012, One World Trade Center is now the tallest building in the United States at 1,776 ft. — a deliberate reference to the year when the Declaration of Independence was signed.

2. Evolution Tower — Moscow, Russia

© Igor3188 / Wikimedia Commons
Reaching a height of 807 ft., it stood 2nd in the Emporis Skyscraper Awards in 2015 as one of the world’s best skyscrapers. Its shape, that of a DNA double-helix, symbolizes the coming together of individuals, families, and generations — hence, the name.

3. Agora Tower — Taipei City, Taiwan

© Vincent Callebaut Architectures
Labeled the “smog-eating” tower of Taiwan, the eco-friendly tower is one of the largest designated residential sites in the region. The architect, Vincent Callebaut, won a design competition for the project in 2010. The cascading green exterior presents a “pioneer concept of sustainable eco-construction.” Reducing our carbon footprint really is the future!

4. Lakhta Center — Saint Petersburg, Russia

© Lakhta Center   © kp.ru
Standing at 1,516 ft, it is the tallest building in Russia and in Europe. A one-of-a-kind tower, it is the most northern skyscraper in the world. The concrete pouring of the building’s foundation is registered as a Guinness World Record as being the largest continuous concrete pour. The inspiration for the tower design is nature itself — the top converging to form a flower, a flame, an ice torch, a lighthouse, and a spire.

5. W350 — Tokyo, Japan

© Sumitomo Forestry
Due for completion in 2041, the W350 tower will be the world’s tallest wooden skyscraper. The structure was designed keeping nature in mind — people can enjoy a fresh breeze and the sun inside the building too. It is aimed at providing the much-needed respite amidst an urban setting, exuding warmth and calmness.

6. Dynamic Tower — Dubai, United Arab Emirates

© Dynamic Architecture
Each level of this revolutionary building can be rotated by its residents, creating the possibility that it will never look the same from day to day. David Fisher, the architect who had never built a skyscraper before, calls these buildings “designed by time, shaped by life — which will open our vision all around, to a new life.”

7. Grand Lisboa — Macau, China

© Grand Lisboa Hotels
Truly grand in its exterior and its interior, the iconic skyscraper stands out in the Macau skyline for its daring and flamboyant exuberance representing Modern Macau. The inspiration for the feathered design was an exotic Brazilian head-dress — reflecting the Portuguese influence shared by both Macau and South America. On permanent display in the hotel is “The Star of Stanley Ho” — the largest cushion-shaped diamond in the world.

8. Moscow State University — Moscow, Russia

© l.s.kopytov / Wikimedia Commons
Housing the tallest educational building in the world, its history dates back to 1755 — when it was known as Lomonosov University, named after its founder. A long-standing tradition of academic excellence, MSU is the oldest and most famous Russian university — its alumni including a number of famous scientists and Nobel Prize winners.

9. The Big Bend — New York, USA (proposed)

© Oiio Studio
The 4,000 m long arched skyscraper, the Big Bend, would become the longest building in the world, if it were built. It was designed by Ioannis Oikonomou in an attempt to avoid restrictions on skyscraper height in Manhattan.

10. Al Noor Tower — Casablanca, Morocco (proposed)

© Facebook
This proposed building, when completed, will be the tallest on the continent of Africa. Conceptualized by French designer, Amédée Santalo, the design of the tower resembles a fountain pen — symbolizing the rewriting of Africa’s future by Sheikh Tarek bin Laden.

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