10+ Baby Sleep Cool Tips To Make Baby Sleep Faster

11. It is okay to wake your baby up for their feeding.

A lot of parents swear by one rule: Never wake up a sleeping baby. However, if your baby is sleeping past the next feed time or hasn’t eaten in the last 3 hours, it’s perfectly okay to wake the baby up! This will not only get your baby into the right sleep routine, but also make sure there are no fussy evenings.

12. Find what works best to put your baby to sleep and go with it.

Babies have their own likes and dislikes and while there is no set manual for what works best, your baby might be giving you signals as to what is a win-win with them. Be it brushing their eyebrows, or the hum of the hair dryer, every parent has one go to option that does the trick. Catch the signal and go with it!

Do you have another epic trick to put your baby to sleep? Let other parents know in the comments below and help them get a good night’s sleep!

Illustrated by Daniil Shubin


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