10+ Animal Couples They’re Likely To Melt Your Heart

10+ Animal Couples They’re Likely To Melt Your Heart

True love does exist. From a pair of butterflies to a couple of gorgeous penguins, the animal kingdom gives us amazing examples of heartfelt, inseparable couples who show us that “happily ever after” is not just a fairytale. You just can’t deny the magic and power of love when you look at this.

Apegeo has put together a compilation of stunning images which display love in its truest form. Scroll down at your own risk — they’re likely to melt your heart.

1. These adorable parrots look absolutely gorgeous together!


2. A sweet moment shared by a lynx couple…this will make anyone’s heart melt.

The two lynxes showing love

3. Nothing like an evening by the lake with the one you love…especially for a swan!

nous, on s'aime

4. This lion couple shows us that love is about seeing a whole new world together, even with your eyes closed.

5. A loving snuggle is “owl” you need in life.

6. A butterfly couple sharing the sweet nectar of love.

7. A snow leopard’s version of “kiss and make up”

8. An earnest hug is the best way to say “I love you.”

9. Flamingos don’t need to struggle to prove their love — by just looking into each other’s eyes they create the shape of a “heart” between them!

Dance of Love

10. A romantic kiss shared by a black-browed albatross couple

Black-browed Albatross (Thalassarche melanophris)


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